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Never Awake

The glory of the garden, it abideth not in words

I am all implication
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This is a writing journal. I friend people whose stuff I want to read, which could mean a lot of things. If I don't recognize you, I'm not likely to friend you back. If you want me to friend you, tell me. Absolutely Nearly nothing here is friends-locked, and since I lurk a lot, I know that other people do too.

As far as I'm concerned, my real life does not exist, so you won't see much of it. If you came here from FF.net, hi. If you came here for the fic, hi. If you came to complain about my other fics, please flaunt your sad life elsewhere.

Thank you, and please enjoy the fics.

genderbender nearly everything, khr/everything, losing conversations with courses, my own anthropomorphic county, really bitchy pretty people, really random memes, shipping random het, sudden interest in interests, those damn anthropomorphic countries, tsundere-ish people, x27 all permutations thereof